I know you won't believe what I've got say. I don't expect you to. All I ask is a little patience. Keep reading these editorials, and maybe after time, and some proof, we will convince you that something amazing is happening on the rooftops. And, something is happening, has been happening throughout history, across the world, across the boundaries of our perceptions.

It started last year in New York City. There was this bum on a street corner. He was wearing the most far out high tech goggles I had ever seen. He said they had fallen from one of the rooftops the night before and now they were his. At least until I offered him ten bucks. Then they were mine. They were definetely cool--convex lenses, rims encrusted with little electronic doodads, and little LED displays.

I put them on, didn't see anything special except LED readouts. Then I pressed a few buttons, and...suddenly my life turned a sharp left turn. I saw undulating bands of color bursting and rippling in shades of blue and green. Needless to say, I was impressed.

I had to call my friend, Larry Pratt. He was Mr. Science, the Wizard of Astronomy, and my source for all things of fact and phenomenon. I met him at his lab/workshop and Larry flipped out when he saw the goggles. Putting them on and manipulating them, he went into a typical stream of consciousness monologue about things I never could or will understand. He then examined them, tried to download from its memory chips, tooks pictures, any documentation he could think of.

Twenty four hours later we were back at that street corner, and prowling around in the alley. There was debris, pieces of a rooftop cornice molding, bits of some strange fabric, with dried blood. From there we looked up at the building and saw a broken corner cornice, so we were soon up on the rooftop, poking and prowling, like Sherlock and Watson. Then we heard the voice.

"Looking for something?" There he was. A little, bald guy, like out of some old Vic Tanny Gymnasium ad, but dressed weird, in an Arabian costume, like he just popped out of a bottle. His name was Mr. Bronnis, and we had something he wanted. Larry wasn't about to let the goggles go, but I was more interested in the story behind the goggles, so we made an exchange. The goggles for "The Truth".

The truth is an overused term, especially because of X-Files. But I now know that we do indeed know the truth that only a few could even dream of. It's a story so incredible that I know why Mr. Bronnis told it to us. No one would believe us, so why not tell us the story? He even let us take pictures. He knew that no film could capture his form, something about how his body vibrates at a certain frequency, I think. We'll show you the pictures. Of Mr. Bronnis, the Zone Goggles, everything. You make up your mind.

So, I decided to illustrate this story, The Zone Continuum. It's all based on what I was told. I've added other elements to make the story more entertaining. I mean, I'm just guessing at what Talon, Paris, Spere, and all the characters, except Bronnis, look like. I've never seen them, Roc's Nest, nothing, so of course I'm making up what things look like. This is an illustrated story, based on fact, changed for the sake of your enjoyment.

But don't be fooled, lulled into indifference about the source of all of this. STRANGE THINGS are happening. My life, Larry's life, Keith Murphy's and other's have all been changed because of what we now know to be true.

So take The Zone Continuum on whatever level you're comfortable with. For those who want to look below the surface, between the lines where reality takes that sharp left turn, there are great rewards that lay ahead for you. You will learn "The Truth". It will change you. And, be warned, some changes are not for the good. It's your choice, your responsibility.

It's important for your to know this one thing: you won't be alone. We'll be there with you. Write to us, confide in us, and be honest with us and yourself. We'll get through this together, unlocking the keys of a conspiracy so vast, so complex and incredible, that you'll never be able to look at a rooftop again without wondering...what goes on up there at night.

Yours truly,

Bruce Zick