July 30, 2001

For the vast majority of you out there, the Zone Continuum series is an entertaining piece of fiction and I'm glad to present it to you. While I am also revealing its "other side" or "truth", I do so with mixed feelings. It is a great responsibility to open the door for others that could change their lives. I don't want anyone else to be drawn into a descending spiral of conspiracy that can permanently alter their lives, yet I am compelled to lead you to the doorway's threshold. But it is up to you to walk through.

If you've gotten this far on this page, you must be the type to take the step through the door, so I'm writing for you then. I beg of you, do not take this lightly. Up to this point, you're probably having a good time. Past this point is the danger of the true unknown. Turn back now and don't ever return to Roc's Nest if you're not ready to live with the consequences of your actions. I am completely serious. Don't get involved if you can't handle it.

I pulled Larry Pratt into this because he was the only one I could turn to at the time. Now I regret it. And, now, someone else, an innocent perhaps, has also been pulled in. Professor Keith Murphy, a respected Associate Professor at Fort Valley State University. I think he was initiallly drawn to the entertaining aspects of the Zone Continuum, and curious about some similarities to his areas of interest and research. So, he took his step forward through the door, and that quickly his life has changed.

So, now two people have been changed. If anyone else becomes initiated to this alternate reality, I can only offer our support and services as small compensation. Lean on us. Let us help you.

You will need to learn more, in order to protect yourselves. We will be your fountain of information in three ways. Roc's Nest will be the primary conduit of information. Then we branch into two other sources. The letters of Larry Pratt, and the website of Professor Murphy. They each will be telling their stories, and in doing so, we may begin to piece together the mystery of what we're really up against.

Let me repeat. Don't go it alone. If you are out on the rooftops at night, looking for... something, share with us your experiences. If you think you know where the actual Roc's Nest is, tell us. We'll all have the best chance of survival if we work together.