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We're so glad you stopped by to learn about the Amazing Secrets of Pigdog Technology. You can't have known, nor could you ever have imagined that here at Pigdog Productions, we are not only a creative force of good aimed at providing the best of entertainment, but we are also a technological powerhouse, inventing machines beyond your wildest imagination, placed in service to protect and secure peace and progress throughout the world.

A great burden, yes.

But we bear this weight with all of the necessary sense of responsibility to ensure your safety and harmony. Because of our critical role in global historical affairs, we feel we should introduce you to our formidable staff and facility--you deserve to know who we are, and what we are. This will also provide you with a bit of a framework through which to view the fantastic.

First, there is our building, as you have seen earlier in Pigdog History, constructed in 1938, location not to be disclosed. Suffice it to say, we are located in the heartland of this great country, nestled in the bosom of anonymity.

Over here! Yes, that's it. Walk this way with me, won't you. Let's take a stroll down the main corridor, and take a look at some of the places and people of Pigdog Productions. Nice, isn't it? We believe one's working environment should be of the strictest aesthetics.

Here in our design sectors, we provide clean and bright working spaces for our technical staff. We are proud of the caliber of this diligent crew, and they in turn reward us with their inspired technical designs--years, even decades ahead of traditional industry standards.

Overseeing our vast facility is a highly trained team of technicians who monitor and regulate our enormous electrical demands, provided by fields of photo-voltaic solor panels. Security is uppermost on our minds and must be controlled, as industrial espionage is always a great concern of ours.

And, of course, guiding our enterprise is a team of engineers and imagineers who work 24/7 to bring dreams into reality. The names of these individuals may not be household names of fame or celebrityhood, but we know who we are, and we know who you are, and rest assured we seek only the types of rewards that come from doing our job and doing it well.

This entire organization has been known collectively through inner circles of world governments as the Specialists in Power Application. When a job of global importance is required, these "Specialists" are the ones who are sought by presidents and kings, prime ministers and pashas.

Over time, we'll continue to give you further glimpses of the facility and the people of Pigdog Productions, but now it's time to show you one of our many Technological Marvels.


Beginning in 1937, as Europe was combatting the rising tide of Fascism, concern had already begun over the possibility of an arms race and war. Reports from abroad showed that Germany, under Werner Von Braun, was testing high altitude Jet Plane warfare. Pigdog Productions was notified by the FBI to begin our own laboratory tests that would place a pilot in an oxygen suit in a compression chamber. Because of these experiments, America was able, seven years later, to fly the Army Air Force pilots over Germany, withstanding the grueling punishment of the high altitude missions. It is only now, after the statutes of limitations have expired, that we can show you this classified photograph. This is but one of countless tales to tell, stories that will astound you, and challenge your perceptions of history. In other words, this has been another installment from the vast archives in our Hall of Records, from the Annals of Dyno-Mechanical Marvels--LEGENDS OF PIGDOG TECHNOLOGY.